We develop solutions for people,
who are affected by Climate Change

The Challenge


Global food production is deeply affected by climate change.

Post harvest loss is a major problem for farmers, especially in tropical and subtropical regions, as agricultural products perish very quickly. About 25% of worldwide produced food gets spoiled on the way from the fields to the market – in India even up to 40%. The main reason for that is the lack of cooling and storage facilities. Conventional cooling systems often cannot be installed due to insufficient infrastructure or excessive operating costs. We see our challenge in combatting malnutrition, reducing post harvest loss and providing cooling systems to remote areas to ensure a more efficient use of resources..


Post Harvest Loss

Lack of cooling

Our Approach


Sustainable solutions require interdisciplinary thinking.

Our aim is to provide solutions for people who are affected by climate change. To achieve this we take an interdisciplinary approach: a combination of technological, ecological, social and economical factors is necessary for the development of a sustainable system. With our work we want to transfair regenerative technologies to where they are truly needed. Furthermore it is especially important for us to involve small-scale farmers in the product development from the outset.

Technology Transfair

Integration of Farmers

Long Term Perspective

Our Solution


We develop a solar-cooling system to preserve food.

Farmers get the chance to keep their products fresh and sell them on the market under better conditions whenever they want. The advantages of solar thermal cooling are the independency of grids, low operating costs and simple energy storage technologies. The modular approach allows the opportunity to integrate additional systems such as solar drying, torrefaction and the provision of hot and cold water for further use. We are currently cooperating with the NGO Shiksha Niketan, which collaborates with 250 farmers in West Bengal (India), to install the first system. In the future we plan to deliver our system to all tropical and subtropical regions around the world.





About Us

We care about the future of our planet.

Anderland Systems is a Berlin-based social start-up launched in 2016. Our motivation is to develop adaption strategies to deal with the consequences of climate change. In our team, Andreas Probst is mainly responsible for the technical product design, while Jan Schwabe ensures the social impact of our activities and manages our international projects. André Radloff is in charge of business development and Lilian Aguilar is taking care of the system simulation. We believe that cooperation and tolerance are crucial for a fruitful working environment. Currently, we are looking for ambitious people to complete our team. If you share our vision and want to tackle the challenge of climate change, please contact us.


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